Nezraene’s Lament is a story of Kort attempting to navigate the complex local politics of the Grey Gauntlets as they collide with the many factions already calling the city of Nobles home. Kort will eventually discover that there is an entire wing of the Grey Gauntlets using the organization as cover for their own money making schemes and as an excuse to exterminate sociopolitical rivals.

The city of Nobles itself is an incredibly saturated environment, teeming with monsters and beasties which have been making the city trecherous for quite some time. Many mundane folk are associated with one gang or another in some capacity for protection purposes, and the Grey Gauntlets invasions is deeply disturbing the status quo.

In the first session, Zephyr and Hezra’at, Kort has his first encounter with the Gauntlets and develops a number of rivals and allies in very short order. He finds out of work militia men roaming the streets and local businessman attempting to dip in on the Grey Gauntlet profits. Kort was set up into doing work for the Gauntlets, work which leads to Zephyr and Hezra’at at the Scriptorium.

The second session, A Bloody Rat, begins with a number of Gauntlets having followed Rajimund and Kort to the Scriptorium, eventually ending in an armed conflict. This causes a two pronged problem – not only will the Scriptorium be littered with dead Gauntlets, Valkyrie will still be waiting for some kind of “payment” from Kort.
The odd crew present will suggest a number of solutions. If Kort opts to use this opportunity to frame another gauntlet, rifling through their records he will find reference to an odd lycanthropic worship cult with Famine at its source, which Kort may or may not infer. Pursuit of further gauntlet targets can yield great rewards. Although at first he will only receive a pittance, like permission to be out past curfew, he could eventually be rewarded with a manor of his own or tracts of land outside of the city of Nobles.

Nezraene's Lament