Zephyr and Hezra'at

Outline of Events
Interception by Gauntlets
Meeting with Valkyrie
Investigation of the Shrine
Encounter – fight by the well
The Scriptorium
Encounter – gauntlets at the door

Introduction Open by cut and pasting the Introduction to the Grey Gauntlets, which situates Kort in the budding social strife of Nobles and describes some of the basic activities of the Gauntlets.

Intercepted by Gauntlets Depending on how Kort describes his regular routine or pursuing a desire to know more, he will intercepted by a pair of gauntlets. The goal of this first session is ultimately to introduce him to Valkyrie as well as Zephyr and Hezra’at, who will hopefully become longer term allies that he can call upon as the story unfolds.

Investigation of the Shrine Initial investigation of the shrine itself reveals little, other than that it is not at all a shrine of Fharlanghn. The will save is DC 15

It is a simple travel shrine to Farlanghan, a simple wooden alter suspended by walking staffs by light twine, that ought to have rotted away from exposure to the elements. Two pewter bowls sit on the altar, swinging lightly in the breeze. The one on the left is an offering plate, with some silver or copper pieces. The other is full of clear, cool water, a refreshment plate that refills itself for tired travelers.

It smells funny to you. It smells of a deep, terrible hunger. You have a sudden compulsion to drink the water. Make a will save.

Encounter – Fight by the Well Upon failing to find any arcane signatures, Kort will stumble across a Hunger Host at a well. The Hunger Host appears initially to be a drunk man retching onto the ground next to a well.

The man kneels in front of the well, his head thrust into the water. His rotund belly seems distended and ready to burst. He pulls is head out of the water, and his jaw looks ready to unhinge as he eyes the meat on your arms and shoulders. He roars and lunges at you.

Each swipe of your sword carves muscle off of him that seems ready to just fall off. Deep maroon scales glisten with wet in the open wounds.

The Scriptorium When dropping below 10 HP, the Hunger Host leads Kort on a strange chase through the city after dark. If he manages to kill the thing before it reaches the scriptorium, the blood will trickle through the streets to the scriptorium, and underneath its door. Inside he can meet Zephyr andHezra’at. The two suggest an infiltration of the organization, for curiosity’s sake, and will find a scapegoat to help Kort earn his stripes.

It is a circular brick buidling, and once inside you can see the walls are lined with scrolls and books of various shapes and sizes. In the center of the room is a large table with a few books in different stages of construction. Flanking the center workspaces is a pair of standing desks, lined with ink jars and quills and blank parchment. An iron spiral staircase precariously wraps around the edge of the room leading up to a trapdoor in the ceiling.

Gauntlets at the Door While a fight with the gauntlets is not inevitable if Kort can talk them out of it, if he remains in the background Hezra’at will panic and attack. The group of gauntlets is comprised of four Gauntlet Grunts and one Gauntlet Sergeant

Conclusion Kort must report back to Valkyrie, but not without somehow disposing of the Gaunlets’ bodies.

Valkyrie will lend Kort some important insight into the organization which makes standard procedure of blackmailing individuals to lead them to larger groups of nonmortals to exterminate. Being only tinged with the demonic makes Kort tolerable at best, but tolerable is something the Gauntlets can work with. He will be instructed, as a test, to root out at least one nonmortal in exchange for his own life.

Just down the way from The Hydra’s Next Head, a travel shrine dedicated to Fharlanghn turns out to be a cursed thing which hollows out people and exacerbates their aspect of Hunger. Following first the suspicious travel shrine, cued off by just about anyone (locals think it hexed somehow) and then the possessed man by the well, Kort finds the Scriptorium. At the Scriptorium he meets Zephyr and Hezra’at, a psionic rogue and a cleric/conjurer who is a little bit corrupted by the dark texts he has been directed to copy for the church of Wee Jas, also Hezra’at’s patron. While just reading the scripts isn’t enough to corrupt anyone, being mundane in nature, Hezra’at’s curiosity gets the best of him and he tries out a thing or two he reads about, much like a younger Katheel. Zephyr is a foreigner and something of an object finder who helps Hezra’at locate and obtain the objects he needs for his rituals.

Zephyr and Hezra'at

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