Introduction to the Grey Gauntlets

Times have changed in the city of Nobles, seemingly overnight. Feuding between local factions have receded to the background at the arrival of a strange new organization, the Grey Gauntlets. Religious zealots and fanatics to the core, they seem to have supplanted the local militia entirely and now patrol the streets. Their pennant bears a steel fist crushing a red dragon’s head in its palm, and they claim to be dedicated to driving out the predators and beasts preying on common folk. Their line officers wear a grey tabard marked by a bleeding dragon skull.
An unofficial curfew has been put in place, and the Gauntlets routinely stop and interrogate individuals out past dark. The warring factions that once operated so openly and so confidently have been driven into hiding under the tremendous pressure of the Gauntlets.

Of the numerous agents in your cell, you have only been able to maintain contact with Katheel, whose condemned sanctuary has kept him out of reach of the Gauntlets thus far. While he has offered you room and board for your assistance with the Arena of Nezraene, in which you suffered his penance for the monstrosities he has created, whether or not you have spent much time in the Cracked Chalice is entirely up to you.

It is only a matter of time before you yourself are stopped by the Gauntlets, and your demonic heritage will surely give you away. The Gauntlets are offering identification papers to any who will submit to an inspection at their sector office, which allows one easy passage in the heavier policed areas. You have heard vague reports about what they actually have been doing to those who are arrested. The pipeline of disgruntled militia rants, the hushed exchange on the street, and Katheel’s sources suggest that those suspected of nonmortal heritage or involvement are being exiled or killed outright.

This is, naturally, a problem.

Just like a natural ecosystem, the social structure of the city of Nobles is being badly upset. The wererats, for example, were one of the hardest hit groups, being among the easier to distinguish. Their disappearance from the sewers has made the crude network of tunnels and pipes beneath the city safe for cultists, murderers, and more mundane nasties to adapt for their own purposes. Ancient churches have been defaced, all gargoyles carved off in the event that even one of them might not be a piece of art.

Not to mention the fact that these brutal culling tactics hardly seem to fit the banner of Hieronious that the Grey Gauntlets ostensibly fight under.

Introduction to the Grey Gauntlets

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