Urban Shaman 10

Str 9
Dex 14
Con 16
Wis 18
Int 11
Cha 14

Fort 7
Ref 3
Wil 7
AC 19
HP 91
BAB 7/2

Spirit Guide (spider)
Wild Empathy – can use half of diplomacy check to improve attitude of urban animals.
Chastise Spirits – Standard action, deals 1d6 damage/shaman level to all spirits w/in 30 feet (DC 22 / 10 + shaman level + cha modifier, 5 times per day)
Detect Spirits – functions as detect undead, at will, affects only spirits (incorporeal undead, fey, elementals, creatures in astral form or with astral bodies)
Blessing of the Spirits – 10 minutes in medication grants protection from spirits and lasts until dismissed or dispelled.
Follow the Guide – when affected by enchantment spell or affect, can attempt saving throw again one round after failure. Only get one second chance per affect.
Ghost Warrior – all weapons wielded by shaman have ghost touch, and shaman retains full AC against incorporeal creatures.
Warding of the Spirits – one minute meditation grants magic circle against spirits
effect for ten minutes per level.
Spirit Form – 1/day, become incorporeal for one minute. 50% automatic miss chance for attacks against shaman from corporeal source, immunity to nonmagical attacks, AC = 10 + cha + dex. Only attack available is a touch attack that deals 1d6 damage, using dex modifier to attack.
Guide Magic – spirit guide can act in your place to maintain focus for a spell that requires you to maintain focus, leaving shaman free to act. Concentration checks are not necessary to maintain the spell held by the spirit guide.

Concentration 13/16
Diplomacy 13/15
Gather Information 13/15
Knowledge (local) 13/13
Profession (florist) 3/7
Profession (tailor) 10/14
Spot 13/17

Combat Casting
Rapid Reload
Empower Spell
Urban Tracking
Reach Spell (two slots higher)

spells known 3/3/3/2/2/1
spells per day 6/6/6/6/4/2

0 level spells

detect magic
detect poison
read magic

1st level spells

longstrider +10 speed
obscuring mist
produce flame

2nd level spells
heat metal
resist energy
flaming sphere

3rd level spells
call lightning

4th level
summon nature’s ally
giant vermin

5th level
cure critical wounds

3 corrosive, spiked light crossbow
ranged +12/
7, 1d8 1d6, 19-20/x2
melee +9/
4, 1d4+1d6, 19-20/x2
20335 gp

+3 glamored studded leather armor
10175 gp

glove of storing
10000 gp
boots of springing and striding
+10 speed, +5 competence bonus to jump checks
5500 gp
hat of disguise
1800 gp

1190 gp in stash



Nezraene's Lament palindromation