Nezraene's Lament

Session 1 - Zephyr and Hezra'at

Zephyr and Hezra’at progresses mostly as planned.

Outline of Events
Interception by Gauntlets
Kort goes to a local tavern for some lunch, where Jensen convinces him to frame Kal Pellerson. Pellerson’s home turns out to be a Gauntlet meeting place and a contact house for Valkyrie’s secular agents.
Meeting with Valkyrie
Investigation of the Shrine
This went… poorly. Clues were unclear leaving the goal feeling directionless. Kort meets [[Shorrit, who invites him back to buy a flower for his sweetheart.
Encounter – fight by the well
Fairly poorly managed. Took place during broad daylight to provide some direction. Used creeping blood to provide something for Kort to investigate, and he manages to follow the blood to the Scriptorium. Fortuitous in that Kort meets and jives well with a Gauntlet named Rajimund. Rajimund was the guard cleaning up the corpse of the Hunger Host and who did not move to assist Kort in defeating the monster after a utilitarian analysis, which he explains to Kort. Rajimund is an unenthusiastic Gauntlet who accompanies Kort to the Scriptorium.
The Scriptorium
Encounter – gauntlets at the door
Did not take place. Time was running over and was not necessary for this session.



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